His Forever | Our Story

In July 2011, I began falling madly in love with Fabian. We had been friends for about 5 years already, but sometime between May and July something had just clicked – more like God was bringing us together – and our hearts began tying to each other. He had just confessed his love to me, and I could not be happier. Although we were already in love, we did not begin dating until the following year on March 24, 2012.

A lot of hardships happened throughout our relationship, including people trying to put their hatred over our relationship, Fabian moving to a different state, and so much more but thankfully we were able to grasp hard to God’s purposes for us and rise above all the obstacles. That was a time were I learned so much about this man and when I also realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

~ The Proposal ~


Fabian and I planned a date night for February 28, 2014. We were supposed to go out-of-town alone and just enjoy our time together. To my surprise, that day came but he told me we would not be alone. He picked me up with his sister Lulu and our friend Jessica in the back seats, but it was fine with me because we laugh a lot together!

After having a great day out and about, night was closing in and Fabian really wanted to take me Riverfront Park in Spokane, WA. I didn’t want to but I saw that it was somehow important to him to get there that night, so we went! Unfortunately, the weather took a turn for the worst and it was freezing/super windy outside so we fought the wind and entered the park’s mall instead. There, Fabian and Lulu kept on giving each other looks and Lulu repeated the sentence, “I want some Olive Garden” many times. Little did I know, “Olive Garden” was code for the proposal. I was also saying I wanted Olive Garden!

The mall was several stories high. Once we reached a decent story way above the first floor, I noticed Fabian and Lulu were secretly discussing something, but I wasn’t concerned. A few minutes later, Fabian said that Lulu was going to take photos of him and I on the first floor, and Jessica was going to stay on the higher floor to take photos from a higher view-point. I thought nothing of it and we went down.

Fabian wanted to take the pictures directly over the giant circle-logo placed on the floor of the mall, so when we got there Lulu was “prepping” to start taking the photos. Fabian and I were holding hands when I saw him get down on one knee and I froze because he had that look in his eyes. The kind of look that a man gives when he is sincerely giving all his love to a woman. He pulled out a little box and began telling me sweet promises of love when I began to cry joyously. He was in the middle of proposing when a lady was walking by and looked at us and said, “is this real?!” Fabian said yes and pointed to the cameras and she then asked me if I was going to say yes. I was so speechless that all I could do was nod! She celebrated for a second and then ran out of the camera’s way so that we could continue having our moment! Fabian continued his proposal by saying he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and if I would be his forever. I said yes! He slipped the ring on my finger and grabbed me as if he never wanted to let go. Then I heard people all over the mall cheering for us, and looking around, I saw people’s’ phones out, recording! I have always been a shy girl who hates being the center of attention but I was actually really happy that he chose to do it in a very public place because it signified that he was declaring his love for me to “the world”!

It is now 2015 and am still so in love with the man who told me he loved me for the first time on that warm summer night in July 2011. My husband Fabian, “mi corazoncito.”



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