And Two Became Three


Hi everyone! As you’ve already guessed by the silly photo above, my husband and I are expecting our first child (and we are more then happy about it!) I am 3 months along and we’ve had some great ups and downs so far. A few ups have been:

  1. Support from all of our family and friends
  2. Us being blessed with our first child -we’ve both wanted this baby before we even knew we would end up together!
  3. My jobs are extremely flexible with me due to my pregnancy
  4. Mommy and Daddy love each other (lol)
  5. My husband has been taking a lot more care of me

Great right?! Well, let me tell you, it hasn’t all been great. A few downs are:

  1. I don’t fit into my jeans or xs shirts anymore
  2. I’m tired, nauseous, and disgusted all the time
  3. Brushing my teeth turns into a gagging fit
  4.  I’m states away from my mom
  5. Food is no longer my favorite thing in the world

I’ve learned that each pregnancy may be different for each mother. For instance, my cousin in law had a pretty easy-going pregnancy with her only child, and a friend of mine had both easy pregnancies and a really, really, sick one as well (like the one I’m currently going through). I try to listen to both kinds of pregnancies so I can learn from them and apply their advice into my life.

But even with all the wonderful and helpful advice, I still get a few daily thoughts that are not so wonderful!  Pregnant mommas, if you can relate to these then just know, we aren’t alone!

Do I have to dress up for that?

Where’s the bathroom?

I. need. sleep. Now!

Why am I crying right now?

Can we reschedule our hangout in a few weeks?

I don’t look pregnant at all, just chubby.

Second trimester needs to come quicker!

Do I look lazy? Because I’m really not. 

Get that chicken away from me!

Where’s the Febreze? 

Can I lay on that bed for a few hours?

I’m not usually this exhausted, I promise.

What can I eat today that I won’t throw up?

Oh great, they can’t keep their eyes off my belly now.

Please stop talking or I might lose it. 

I know right, how fun. (lol) -With all jokes aside, I’m really more excited about my baby then anything else. I’ve never been so sick before, but I wouldn’t trade my baby for any kind of pregnancy experience. I’m constantly praying for my baby and wondering what he or she is like at this very moment. I found a great app for tracking the baby’s progress (yes -there’s an app for that!) It’s called What To Expect and it’s free! I look at it almost every night with my husband and read discussions made by women who are expecting in the same month as me! It’s absolutely great. There has been times where I felt alone because nobody seemed to deeply understand, but this app really helped me understand my pregnancy more and realize I’m really not going through these stages alone. I’m truly excited for what’s to come, with all it’s magical ups and downs!


I would love to hear from you! If you have helpful advice, or funny pregnancy experiences, send me a quick message!


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