Pregnancy Tag | Baby Nuñez

How far along? 26 weeks and 1 day!
Maternity clothes: I have a few maternity shirts gifted to me by a dear friend. I also bought my first pair of maternity jeans about a week and a half ago- and I absolutely love them!
Stretch marks? I got stretch marks on my newly-made love handles a few days after I found out I was having a baby. It was either caused by genetics or because my skin was really tight in that area and I had already started gaining on the first month. Other then that, I haven’t gotten any stretch marks!
Sleep: This pregnancy wasn’t interfering with my sleep until these past few days. Now I’m tossing and turning because my belly feels heavy and uncomfortable. I’m so fortunate my husband doesn’t mind all the movement, he just accommodates to me!
Best moment this week: I laid down, put a plate over my belly and watched her move that plate around, tossing it left and right! My mom did that when she was pregnant with me so I felt a double portion of connection while doing it. 
Miss anything? Oh boy… don’t get me started on this one! I miss eating whatever I wanted without getting sick. I miss fitting into anything, and wearing my wedding ring without discomfort. I miss my soft hair and the energy I had, and sleeping on my belly… but hey, anything for my baby!
 Movement: So much movement! She’s constantly stretching and kicking. She’s all over the place but I love it. 
Food cravings: Right now I’v only been craving Cinnabon’s large rolls and some jalapeño and cheese covered bagels. Mmm.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not very many things make me feel sick  anymore. I haven’t thrown up in about a month or so now so that’s good! There are certain smells that get me grossed out though.
Gender: Baby Nuñez is a GIRL!!!
Labour signs: Noooo it’s way too soon for that.
Symptoms: Exhaustion, headaches, dry eyes, dry skin, dry hair, swollen feet (and hands- sometimes), “pregnancy brain” (also known as baby brain), back and hip pain, just to name a few…
Belly button in or out? Out! I have an innie so I never thought I would ever see the day it popped out, but it’s hanging on for dear life at this point.
Happy or moody most of the time: Well, I’ve been both. I do feel very happy but little things irritate me more then usual. The good thing is that I’ve only snapped at my husband (which is also a bad thing!)
Looking forward to: Having a big, round belly. I’m 6 months pregnant and my belly isn’t super huge yet! I’m also looking forward to setting everything up for her. But most importantly, ˜I’m looking forward to meeting my little girl. I just can’ wait!

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