World Breastfeeding Week


Let me start off by saying that breastfeeding is simply amazing. The bond that I have created with my beautiful daughter is something that no other person can do- and it’s bringing nutrition and overall health to her all at the same time. I love that God made it so that we could provide our children’s basic necessities naturally, and Kaylani and I are seeing the fruit of it. It is truly beautiful, however, it hasn’t been an easy road for us.

When I was pregnant I knew since then that I would breastfeed. I was set on having a natural birth & easy breastfeeding. 20 minutes of pushing without any pain relief and my sweet angel was born, and latched right on! It was so amazing that even our doctor was impressed with how everything turned out for it being my first, but things went downhill the following day. She no longer latched on easily so I asked for help to a couple of nurses at separate times, and even a lactation consultant. Their suggestions worked for only a few minutes but eventually she was, again, having problems nursing. I was losing hope, cried quite a bit but still rejecting the thought of feeding her formula. Finally, I was given a shield that became our solution. I hated that thing! My daughter would sometimes fuss and pull the shield or grab it with her hand and all the milk that accumulated inside would spill all over us. Sometimes, I couldn’t find it in time and she would cry bloody murder (sorry neighbors). I honestly did not like it but that was the “only way” that I could give her breastmilk when, finally, I had lost the shield for good. It was time to feed her so I expressed some milk ( I have 2 different pumps but neither fits me anymore) but hurt myself in the process. She ate but obviously got hungry again later on. I was tired, frustrated, and upset that nothing worked well, and just put her on my boob…. And she latched. She latched! It was a bit painful because she only opens her mouth wide enough when she’s screaming lol, but, she finally nursed without any help. We eventually bought a backup shield but haven’t needed it since! I’m beyond thankful that we reached what seems to be our personal accomplishment. Looking back, that second day of her being out of the womb scared me as I thought I wouldn’t be able to feed her, but now there’s no questioning it! It’s clear that she’s been eating more then enough.😂

So for every woman that asks herself, ” will I be able to breastfeed?” be aware that there can be complications. Some babies are rock stars at breastfeeding, while others are not because of lip/tongue ties, babies not opening wide enough, etc. But if you really want to breastfeed then also know that with dedication and the right help, I believe it is something that can eventually be accomplished if not right away.

However, if you tried and decided it is not for you, you might want to try the shield that I used, linked right here. Expressing milk or pumping are also great options so that your child can get the benefits of breastmilk!


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