Honest Co VS Parasol Co

Hello mamas and mama-to-be’s! I know a lot of us enjoy the wonderful convenience of having items delivered right to our doors, and being that I’m a mom with just about 30% patience for shopping now a days, I’ve become one of those online shoppers. One TOP priority to shop for is diapers and wipes. Now, there’s plenty of diapers around the world, but I narrowed my selection down to two specific companies to choose from. I wanted to specifically go for diapers that are organic (and cute because let’s face it, my baby is sooo adorable just chilling in her diapers) and wipes that are great at picking up the worst of poop disasters (some wipes just smear poop around and ain’t nobody got time for THAT!). So, as the title suggests, these two companies are Honest Co and Parasol Co.

Honest Co has been around since 2011 and has been quite popular with mixed reviews, while Parasol Co has only been around since 2014 and is not as widely known because of how young the company is. I found that these companies are very similar, and both have a free trial (plus shipping) so I ordered the trials and based my review on just that.

So let’s get started!

The Honest Co


The trial includes 7 diapers and a set of 10 wipes (a travel pack) shipped to your door for $5.95. These diapers come in a variety of designs that are soft, scent-free, and super adorable! These diapers fit well on my daughter and were super absorbent. No matter how little or how much she pooped/peed, all the contents stayed in the diaper. They were also not as bulky as other diapers. I was impressed!

The wipes were also pretty great. They are fragrance-free as well and picked up the messes without any smear-age  what so ever! They did feel a little on the dryer side compared to other wipes but it ended up being totally fine- no harm was being done to my baby as I changed her. I’m assuming that’s partially what makes them pick up poop so easily.

I enjoyed the end results of these diapers.

Parasol Co


Parasol’s trial includes 8 diapers with a pack of 20 wipes, shipped for $5.00. They come with only two different designs but the company offers 6 designs in total.


These diapers claim to be super soft- and they really are! I’ve felt a variety of diapers and these take the cake! Their unique designs are super adorable as well, probably more my style than Honest’s. They have a minimal yet artistic and bold touch to them which was “to die for” to me. These also go really high, which stops any possible blowouts wonderfully. You could tell by the feel and look of them that this is a premium brand.

I wanted to love these diapers, I really did. I gave them all 8 chances, but my daughter had teeny tiny leaks through about 5 or 6 of them. I was quite sad and disappointed about it. With that being said, I still absolutely love the wipes. These are soft, yet sturdy like Honest’s, but they don’t feel as “dry” as Honest’s do. They are also fragrance-free but I could lightly detect the cucumber infusion in them- which made them smell great to me!

All in all, both of these diaper brands have great attributes in my opinion. I did have leakage with Parasol, but you might have a different case. I had a great experience with Honest’s diapers, but it might not be so great for you. It all narrows down to your baby. I definitely do suggest ordering the free trials to give them a try for yourself and see which one fits best- if any- to your specific child. Do not be afraid to simply try them despite what you might hear about them! Some babies take to diapers that others don’t.

If you do order a trial, be aware that both companies automatically add you as a subscriber so if you aren’t ready to commit just call or go directly to their websites to cancel the subscription. Super easy, super simple.

Alright ladies, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this simple and straight-forward review, and gained some insight if you haven’t already had your experience with either company! I ended up subscribing to the company that my daughter had a slightly better response to: The Honest Co! (I will be trying Parasol Co again in the future- they’re too nice to give up on!)



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