Take a Time-Out

I gave my toddler a time-out! Her first one ever! The result was not what I had expected…

We adopted an adorable husky about a month ago, and since having him home I’ve noticed my daughter be a little more disobedient. She usually listens and does everything I ask from her but yesterday she really defied me (ok it wasn’t really that bad at all but it signified a new chapter in her life- the naughty chapter!).  I asked her to come to me as she was walking towards his food and water (she loves messing with those two things), but instead of coming, she stared at me and slowly shook her head. I repeated myself and she shook her head once again. I was a little shocked but kind of chuckled at the same time because she looked so darn cute being a smarty pants, and she took that as her opportunity to run to the food and water! I ran after her and in the spur of the moment decided to give her a time-out. This time-out consisted of me picking her up and letting her know I disapproved, and then sitting her on the corner of the couch (me next to her) and just chilling out for a moment. She, of course, protested the entire time. She knew she was in trouble and so she cried and yelled, resulting in me having to nurse her and she finally fell asleep. That was not the way I wanted it to go! Honestly I was feeling guilty that she got that upset over simply sitting for a moment as well as me not knowing how to handle her tantrum to something new. Thankfully, when she woke up she was in a much better, and obedient, mood.

Little lesson of the day: Be patient. Learn more about how to handle situations such as being defied by a cute toddler. It’s going to get worse as she gets older, so be prepared mentally, physically, and emotionally. Also, don’t chuckle at things you don’t want to reaccure!


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  1. Abhijith Padmakumar says:

    Just beautiful post and really great content !!


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