About Me

Hi there, I’m Yanitza Nuñez!

This blog (formally known as A Delighted Journey) was created out of my desire to share a little bit of myself. I’ve always been a reader – getting in trouble during class because I was into my books more than the actual lectures – but no one really knew that I loved to write as well. In fact, even as I created this blog I still had kept it a secret, letting only you fellow bloggers find it. I finally told my husband (who was my fiancé at the time) & others. I felt free! Writing, sharing, expressing oneself is a beautiful thing & I am thankful for this awesome community that allows me to do that!

Facts about me:

  • I love God above everything
  • I’m a wife to a handsome & talented artist (Nuñez Art)
  • I’m a mommy to a crazy toddler + a newborn … #GirlMom
  • I’m a sahm (stay-at-home mom)
  • I’m 24
  • l’m fluent in Spanish & English
  • I’ve been to 8 States & 2 countries (including the US, of course!)
  • I love to write but am also terrible at grammar! (I never proofread in high school or college… whoops!)
  • I love Fettuccini Alfredo, cappuccinos and coffee (iced, hot, in frappe form, etc), pupusas, and Nutella on toast
  • I have an amazing Salvadorian family, and married into an amazing Mexican one

You could also learn more about me on other social media platforms!

Instagram, FacebookTwitter, & Youtube.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the Olive+Vine blog! :)


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